What Natural Pet Remedies Site?

You may be wondering why I promote a natural pet remedies website. I am a die-hard animal lover, who believes that you should use everything at your disposal to care for the animals in your life. You are not powerless to manage the health and well-being of your pets. The more knowledge you have the more pleasure and enjoyment you will get out of your life and that of your animals.

Several years ago, I was going about my business when I got a major shock. My 6 year old border collie mix Roxeanne was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. I had no idea what to do except freak out. With no prior experience with cancer, what was my next step? After researching all the conventional cancer treatments I decided on a protocol from the University of Wisconsin Veterinanry School.

Roxanne's cancer went into a short term remission (4 to 5 months) and then it was back. Conventional veterinanrians are usually good people, however they are limited in their thinking to conventional treatments, including chemicals, surgery, and radiation.

I needed some help and guidance in finding the best natural or alternative treatments. At the time there was nothing available that seemed helpful, so my journey into natural pet remedies for Roxanne started. It was not an easy road. All I wanted was someone to hold my hand and help me make decisions about natural pet healing as well as lend some moral support. Unfortunately, I found no help.

Every free moment was spent hunting for information on ways to help my Xanna Du hold on. I found a lot of information and used a lot of different supplements that made things better for her. She lived with Stage 4 Lymphoma for 8 months and then my beautiful girl flew away.

The animals I have currently have benefited from what I learned from Roxanne and my journey continues with them. I am promoting this website so that I can share what I have experienced and learned over the years with natural pet remedies, so that you can have a system for moral support and a good informational source that I wish I had several years ago. So, you are not alone, take a deep breath.

You should always consult a good vet whenever your pet is having a problem, but after that if you would like to discuss some supplemental things you might add, send me an email explaining your situation and I will help you think through some of your options. I am not a vet, but just another animal lover. However, I have used many alternative options for my own animals over the years and am happy to share my experiences.

You can email your situation and I will be happy to help you in any way I can. My email is vkay333@aol.com. You can also ask a question below. 

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