Dog Cancer

Dog cancer is becoming more and more common among our beloved family members. In the past decade is has become the top cause of death for dogs. This does not have to happen.  With a healthy diet, vitamin and mineral supplements, sunshine, exercise and lots of TLC you can significantly increase your dog’s chances of never getting cancer.

If you just got a diagnosis of cancer or believe you have a sick dog that may have cancer, take a deep breath; there are things you can do to slow the process down.

Types of Dog Cancer

Cancer is a disease characterized by an abnormal growth of cells in the body. Three types of dog cancer are most common.

  • Leukemia and lymphoma form in the blood, bone marrow and/or the lymph nodes. Canine lymphoma has become common.
  • Sarcomas are typically cancers of the flesh. They develop in connective and fibrous tissue.
  • Carcinomas form in glands and ducts.

Conventional Treatments

Most conventional veterinarians recommend removing tumors, starting chemo or radiation treatments right away. They will recommend biopsies and other procedures that cut into the body.  Sometimes, in sick dogs this can cause the spread of cancer cells to other areas of the body. Even simple needle biopsies can cause the spread of cancer cells to otherwise healthy organs.      


Natural Attack First

It makes more sense to treat the condition with non-invasive herbal remedies first, then evaluate the results. If the remedies do not help, then use more invasive procedures.  Conventional treatments have major side effects, which may cause other problems.  (Go to real cancer stories for more details)

Natural Treatment

Herbal remedies have proven to help repair DNA abnormalities in dogs, cats, as well as in humans.  The following herbs are in an herbal formula that has helped many people treat their pets with cancer.

  • Burdock Root an herb root containing small quantities of many vital vitamins, including folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, vitamin-E, and vitamin-C that is necessary for optimum health.  Vitamin C and E are powerful natural antioxidants that help the body fight off infections and cancer. Burdock is used in many folk remedies as one of the best blood purifiers.  It contains certain diuretic principles, which help expel toxic products from the blood through urine. It also contains some valuable minerals such as iron, manganese, magnesium; and small amounts of zinc, calcium, selenium, and phosphorus. This herb helps stimulate the immune system and suppress abnormal cell growth.

  • Sheep Sorrel is used as a cancer treatment, for treating diarrhea, inflammation and scurvy. Anthraguinoes stimulates peristalsis, increases the secretion of mucous, and water into the intestines. They have antioxidant properties and act as free radical scavengers. Contains Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E and K. Sheep Sorrel is growing in popularity as an anticancer herb because of its ability to break down and reducer tumors.

  • Turkish (Indian) Rhubarb Root acts as a liver and blood tonic. It helps regenerate cells by cleaning and detoxifying them

  • Cat’s Claw Bark is an immune system stimulant. It improves circulation by lowering blood pressure. It is used to treat cancer and HIV. It is used as a treatment for dog cancer and human cancer.

  • Turmeric Root (Curcuma longo) has cancer-fighting properties, in animal studies. It interferes with cancer development, growth, and the spread of it in the body.

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4 fl oz amber tincture

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