Are Dog Vitamins Worth It?

Concerned pet owners everywhere wonder whether dog vitamins are really necessary. Aren't there vitamins and minerals in dog food anyway? Most commercial dog food manufacturers do add essential vitamins and nutrients, however sometimes these are simply not enough. This is especially true if you are feeding your pet a lower cost food. Even if you feed a high quality, organic dog food your dog can benefit from vitamin supplements.

Aging and disease are things that are just a part of living. Your body's cells just like those of your dog's get worn down over time. They need help to rebuild and repair themselves. Dog vitamins act to help rebuild and repair weak cells. So, vitamins will help your dog feel younger than his or her actual age.

You have probably heard of all the major illnesses like cancer, heart disease and many others that now show up in our pets. Why not give them everything every opportunity available to fight these things. You take vitamins, you surely give them to your children; now you know that it is important to give them to your dog. Sorry I get a bit carried away sometimes. I love animals.

Here are just a few situations that point out times when dog vitamins are most important; however you should use them all the time.

Young Dogs:

When dogs are young and in the rapid growth phase of life, extra vitamins can be helpful. Again, sometimes the vitamins in their food is just not enough, so a daily dog vitamin is a good idea. It can help their bodies fight off puppy illnesses and help them become healthy adult dogs.

Older Dogs:

When dogs age, just like when we age, the body needs all the extra help it can get. With cells becoming weaker, vitamins can help slow the process. Obviously you cannot fight aging completely, but if you can keep your pet healthy longer it will be well worth the effort. Whether you have given daily vitamins to your dog all along or not, when they age, you should give them vitamins designed for the older pet. They will be healthier and happier for a lot longer than normal.

Injured or Sick Dogs:

Obviously, if your dog is sick or injured, giving them a high quality daily multi-vitamin will help immensely in the recovery process. Rebuilding an impaired body whether human or animal requires extra help. Select a vitamin that is designed for your dogs life stage and you will notice the change.

Dogs Eating Homemade Diets:

Feeding dogs a homemade diet has become very popular recently. This is for good reason also. People want to know exactly what is going into the food they give their pets. This is a great idea however sometimes getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals in each serving can be tricky. To solve the problem, simply give your dog a multi-vitamin daily. This way they get great food and all the other things they need everyday in their diet.

In conclusion, vitamins are a great thing to add to your pooch's daily diet. You may avoid a lot of lifes pitfalls as far as your dogs health goes, just be doing this easy and simple thing.

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