Living with Cat Allergies

Cat allergies can be uncomfortable. Many people who have them feel like they have a cold all the time. If you are a cat lover or love someone who is a cat lover, yet you seem to always be wheezing, there are things you can do to make the situation manageable. You don’t need to get allergy shots or take prescription medication either. Read on for more natural remedies.

Many people find that after having a cat for a long time, they suddenly have developed an allergy to their cat. Another situation is when two people plan to get married and one has cats and the other is allergic to cats. Read on for some advice on ways to make this situation livable. You don’t have to get rid of your cat or cats.

What Causes Cat Allergies?

Many people believe that it is simply the cat fur that causes their allergies. It is actually the dander on the cats skin that causes the problem. The dander is caused by the cats saliva when it licks its fur. This dander can get on carpeting, bedding, furniture and just about anything else in your home.

Ways to Reduce Cat Allergies Naturally:

When you realize that you or someone in your family has developed an allergy to your cat, don't just get rid of the cat immediately. There are many things you can do to help improve the situation and make it livable. Try some of these things:

  • Bath your cat on a regular basis (once a week). You can use a mild hypoallergenic shampoo to get rid of the dander that is causing the problem. By bathing your cat regularly you will notice a big improvement right away. With regular bathing your cat will likely lick less therefore reducing the production of dander.
  • You will need to do some deep cleaning of your carpet, bedding and furniture to get rid of the dander that has accumulated. Afterwards just keep up with your regular house cleaning.
  • Rather than taking prescription medication to control the allergy try some of these natural remedies first. It may take several weeks for them to take affect, so give them time.
  • ----Cayenne Pepper contains capsium. Capsium helps ease and clear swelling of the sinus passages. Take 500 mg. every 4 to 6 hours to relieve symptoms.
    -----Licorice Root works like a cough suppressant. Take 500 mg. every 4 to 6 hours. Do not use if you have high blood pressure.
    -----L-Histimine is an essential amino acid that must be in your diet in order for your body to use it. It is known for stimulating the inflammatory response in the skin and mucous membranes of the nose. It protects these areas from infection.
    -----Pine Bark Extract acts like an antihistamine. Take 300 mg. per day.
    -----Vitamin B5 can reduce reactions to cat dander. Take 500 mg. 3x a day.
    -----Vitamin C has antihistamine properties. Take 5000-6000 mg. per day, in about 3 doses of 2000 mg. each.

Obviously, you don't want to try all of these at once. Just try a couple at first and see how they work. Then if you need to add a couple more.

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