Canine Kennel Cough

The signs of Kennel Cough are fairly simple to recognize. Your dog will have a chronic cough that may sound like he/she is trying to get something out of their throat. The cough may build up to a hacking cough. This condition occurs when there is an irritation to the lining of the treachea. It is caused by the airborn Bordetella Bronchiseptic bacteria and is very contagious. Your dog can contract the bacteria at the dog park, a kennel or anywhere that they may come in contact with a dog carrying it. The other dog may not even have the cough, they can just be carrying the bacteria and pass it on to your dog. 

Treatment for Kennel Cough:

Turn on the shower with really hot water, close the bathroom door and sit in there for a while with your dog. The steam will help the cough subside a bit. You can also turn on your humidifer in the bathroom if you have one. Sit with your dog until the coughing subsides a bit. Do not leave your dog alone in the bathroom. They can overheat so you need to watch them.

Give your dog a tsblespoon of honey. This will help to soothe their throat and help stop the coughing as well. If the coughing does not slow down with honey, give a teaspoon of children's cough syrup. Keep them warm and out of drafts. Make sure they have plenty of fresh water. Feed only wet food. Dry kibble can further irritate their throat.

The coughing should pass within a day or two. If it does not, you need to see a vet because left untreated this can lead to pneumonia. Remember that this condition is contagious and if you have other dogs they may get it too. 

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