PetAlive Heart & Circulation Tonic


PetAlive Heart and Circulation Tonic is a homeopathic product that helps promote normal heart functioning and support the body’s circulatory system. This will improve the way your dog feels and increase his/her energy level.

The ingredients in the product are:

  •   Arnica 3X HPUS
  •   Cale flour 6C HPUS
  •   Kali phos 6C HPUS
  •   Lachesis 30C HPUS


PetAlive Heart and Circulation Tonic

PetAlive Heart and Circulation Tonic

"Homeopathic remedy for cats and dogs to improve the heart and circulatory systems, including healthy circulation and strong blood vessels"

Things to Remember:

When you get the diagnosis of heart disease from you vet, you are likely to feel panicky and scared and want to try everything to get your dog well. TAKE A DEEP BREATH!

You should talk with your vet about the options available to you. If your dog is in serious condition, you may decide to start conventional medications immediately.  If it is simply a cautionary diagnosis, that something is developing, then you can decide whether or not to use conventional meds. You may decide to use supplements or homeopathy. It is best not to start all treatments together.  If you can talk to an open minded vet, you can lay out a plan for your dog and stick with it.  Just get started.

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