Cure Feline Hyperthyroidism Naturally

Hyperthyroidism is one of the most common diseases of older cats and some middle-aged cats as well. It occurs when the thyroid gland over-produces the thyroid hormone (thyrotoxicosis).  This can be caused by a benign tumor in the thyroid gland and/or an enlargement of the gland. Many cats with the condition become irritable and anxious. They may develop some behavioral problems, as a result. This is in addition to the physical problems they are experiencing.

Feline Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

If your cat displays one or more of the following symptoms, they may be suffering from hyperthyroidism.

  •     Increased appetite.
  •     Weight loss and muscle mass loss.
  •     Hair loss or dull coat.
  •   Excessive thirst along with frequent urination.
  •     Irritability and Nervousness.
  •  Hyperactivity and Restlessness.
  •   Night howling.

Your cat may be keeping you up at night, because he/she cannot sleep.  Do not worry; there is something you can do to help both of you become more relaxed.

Natural Remedies that Work

You may want to add selenium to your cat’s diet if they are suffering from feline hyperthyroidism. It helps remove toxins from the body from the over production of thyroid hormones.  Adding daily vitamins and supplements can also help alleviate some of the adverse effects of hyperthyroidism. CoQ10, L-carnitine and Lemon balm have been helpful to cats with this condition also.

If you would like to get a product that was developed by an expert herbalist specifically for cats with hyperthyroidism, try Thyroid Support Gold. It is made with 100% natural herbs that have proven to be effective in treating feline hyperthyroidism. There is none of the side effects that traditional medicines have. It promotes balance within the thyroid gland. It consists of seven herbs that directly affect the thyroid gland.  For more information, click on the Thyroid Support Gold bottle in the right hand column.

This product has helped bring calm, peaceful nights back to many cat households, and it should help yours as well.  Many people have reported quick results from the supplement.

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