Cheap Pet Insurance Plans?

The cheap pet insurance plans may surprise you. They are the same insurance companies listed under the Best Insurance Companies. Why is that? First let me say that the less expensivr pet insurance plan is not from the worst company in the marketplace.

If you buy from a low rated company, you may as well not buy coverage at all. They are less likely to pay a claim when it is presented to them. The least expensive pet health insurance is from the best insurance companies in the market. I will explain how to get lower priced premiums below. No matter what, you want a solid company backing your policy; you are assured that they will pay when asked to.

You can simply select a higher deductible and/or a higher co-pay. Most of the better companies will give you that option. This will in turn lower the monthly premiums you have to pay. Most will offer deductibles starting at $100 going up to $1000. It is just like your own health insurance plan.

Obviously, the lower premium pet insurance plan will also provide the lowest level of coverage as well, but at least you will have something like a catastrophic plan that will help you cover a major problem.

Top Five Pet Insurance Companies:

If you did not see the Best Insurance Company listings, here they are again. This list is from actual customers. It was compiles by

  1. Healthy Paws is rated on top with a score of 9.7 out of a possible 10.
  2. PetPlan US is second with a rating of 9.2.
  3. Embrace is rated 9.1.
  4. Trupanion is at 8.9.
  5. PurinaCare is 5th at 8.5.

So the cheapest insurance plans are actually from the best insurance companies. You can tailor-make a plan that will fit your budget but give you coverage in a catastrophe. This works a lot like your own personal health insurance plan. It is better to have some dog insurance or cat insurance rather than none. You may have to pay for the first part of the expenses, but will have help if you have a cover a major expense.

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