Feline Kidney Failure is Manageable

If your cat has been diagnosed with feline kidney failure, don’t completely freak out. Although this is not something anyone wants to hear about their pets, it is a condition that many cats live with for quite a few months if not years. You just need to treat it properly. My cat Pumpkin lived for three years after being diagnosed with chronic renal failure. So, it is not necessarily the end of the road. 

What exactly is Feline Kidney Failure?

The kidney’s job is to filter toxins out of the bloodstream and release them through the urine. When food is eaten and converted to energy for use throughout the body, there are waste products produced also. These toxins are called urea and creatinine. If the kidneys are not functioning properly, the toxins can build up to levels that are harmful to the body.

Acute renal failure is something that happens suddenly. It may be caused by a urinary blockage, and injury or an infection. This condition is an emergency. It needs to be treated immediately by a veterinarian.

Chronic renal failure happens over a period of time. It is usually caused by the aging process. It can also be caused by long term use of conventional medication. Feline Chronic Renal failure (CRF) is usually the type that is manageable with proper treatment and supplement support. 

Symptoms of Feline Kidney Failure:

Excessive thirst Frequent urination Dehydration (lift the skin and let go to see if it snaps back in place) Pain or discomfort Blood in the urine Fluid retention (swelling of the belly or legs) Weight change Loss of appetite Bad breath Sneezing and coughing

Treatment for Feline CRF:

Your cat will need to be tested at the vet to determine the level of toxins in the blood. Your vet will likely recommend the amount of subcutaneous fluids to give your cat. This is not a difficult thing to learn to do. Your vet will help you get the hang of giving fluids. It is one of the best things you can do for your cat. You should notice a major improvement in how they feel and act right away. As you go along you will get a feel for whether the amount of fluid is good or not. Your vet may recommend a medication for your cat as well. These are usually ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers. They dilate the blood vessels which decrease the blood pressure. This in turn increases the blood flow and is less damaging to the kidneys. 

Natural Support for Feline CRF:

Baking Soda--add just a pinch with food each day. This can help reduce acid in the body.

Co-Q 10--10 mg. per day helps lower the blood pressure and increases energy.. You can get capsules and break them open and mix it in your cat’s food.

Dandelion--make a tea from dandelion greens and give ½ a dropper full 2 or 3 times a day. This is an herb that is very good for the kidney. Dandelion Root also comes in an extract which can be given with a dropper.

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