Feline Diabetes

Hearing the diagnosis of feline diabetes can be a scary experience for people who don't understand the condition. Take a deep breath though, this article will explain the condition and how you can manage feline diabetes. You will be surprised. It is not as scary as you may think.

Let's first talk about what the condition is all about. Cats usually extract sugar from the proteins they eat. The normal source of protein for a cat is meat. They need sugar for energy and other bodily functions. When there is too much sugar in the body the liver and kidneys have to work very hard to get rid of the excess.

Insulin is produced by the "beta cells" which are in the pancreas. When the body needs sugar, insulin is produced and it finds the sugar in the blood and carries it into the body's cells. In otherwords, sugar cannot go directly into the cells, it needs insulin to get there.

If the "beta cells" are damaged do to over use, age , infection or whatever reason, they no longer produce the needed insulin or they no longer produce enough insulin. The lack of insulin causes a high level of sugar to remain in the blood. This is diabetes. You have probably heard someone talk about their blood sugar levels. It is the same for your cat. 

Signs and Symptoms of Feline Diabetes: Excessive consumption of water, excessive urination, excessive hunger, and hair loss. The body is experiencing a high level of sugar in the blood, so the kidney is trying to flush it out by producing a large amount of urine. This causes a need for more and more water. The excessive hunger is caused because the cells cannot get the sugar they need because there is no insulin. So your cat will act hungry even though they just ate. Their body is not able to process the food correctly.

Injecting the appropriate amount of insulin in the body will allow sugar to enter the cells again and the body will return to a state of balance. The important thing to determine will be the right amount of insulin to give. Your vet will help you determine this.

Good News About Feline Diabetes: Feline diabetes is a little different than human diabetes in that there is a chance that the "beta cells" may kick in and start producing insulin at some point. If your cat is diagnosed with diabetes don't panic. It can be easily managed with insulin and there are great natural supplements and products on the market that can increase your cats chances for a full recovery. 

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