Natural Remedies for Dog Anxiety

Dog anxiety can be a perplexing condition to deal with. We try reassuring our pets that everything is OK, but sometimes this is just not enough. Your dog may have separation anxiety and destroy your home when left alone. He/She may be terrified of thunderstorms. Sometimes just being aware of the changes in air pressure before a storm can set them off. One of my dogs hides in the bathtub when there are storms or even just rain. She feels more secure there because there are no windows. Other dogs are afraid of strangers and the list goes on. Whatever the cause of your dogs anxiety, there are several supplements and homeopathic remedies you should try to control it before you resort to conventional medications. The benefits of natural remedies for dog anxiety and fears is that you will not have the long term side effects of the drugs, like liver and kidney damage. Here is a list of some of the natural remedies you can try. Try them one at a time. If one does not work try another. Keep in mind that it may take several weeks to get the full affect of the herbs. 

  • Valerian Root: This herb has been used for centuries to help people calm their anxiety and calm their nerves. Now people are using it to help alleviate dog fears and anxiety also. You can use Valerian Root in a powder form or in a tincture. It can be purchased at a health food store. It increases the gamma aminobuytyric acid in the body. This substance has a calming effect on nerve cells. For a small dog, give about 1/4 of the human dosage. For a medium sized dog give 1/2 the human dose and for a large dog give the full human dosage. When using the powdered form of the herb give 4 mg. per pound of body weight. Put the powder or tincture right on top of their food.
  • Catnip: Your eyes are not deceiving you. We normally think of catnip as beginning used for cats only. It makes them happy. Well your dog can benefit from catnip also. It won't make them run like nuts across the floor like it does most cats though. This herb has a soothing sedative like effect on dogs. It has been proven to work well for dog anxiety. You can just sprinkle a little bit in your dog's food. You may find it in liquid form in some places or in the usual dried form.
  • Chamomile: This herb helps calm nerves and in some cases induces sleep. It has this effect in humans and in dogs. You can make a chamomile tea and just soak some of your dogs treats in the tea. You can put it in your dogs water as well. This can be purchased at many drugstores and most health food stores.

            Always consult your vet for medical problems. 

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